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Introduced in 1979, the Honda Prelude was the company's first attempt at building an exciting car that still held true to the core Honda values of intelligent design and reliability. Over the next two decades, the two-door sport coupe would become the primary performance car in the Honda lineup.
Although it was outfitted with relatively powerful engines in later generations, the Honda Prelude was not a muscle car. It was built around handling and drivability, while providing enough power to remain competitive.
Over its life, several new technologies for Honda Prelude were pioneered on the Prelude, such as fuel injection, four-wheel steering and Honda's Active Torque Transfer System. The Honda Prelude was also the first Honda model to get VTEC, the company's variable valve timing engine technology.
Though the Honda Prelude was very popular throughout the '80s, consumer interest waned in the '90s. Eventually, the Honda Prelude was trapped in an under-$30,000 no-man's land. For a sporty front-wheel-drive coupe, it was just too pricey, and it didn't have sports car looks or a sufficiently premium feel. By the turn of the millennium, the sport coupe market was a shadow of its former self. Honda dropped the Honda Prelude without a replacement after the 2001 model year. As a pre-owned option, however, the rewarding and reliable Honda Prelude merits serious consideration from driving enthusiasts on a budget.
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