Nissan Skyline 250GT a Touch of Sporty Luxurious Experience

Nissan Skyline is a sports car, which came under the umbrella of Nissan in 1966 after the merger with its Parent Organization Price Motor Company. It went through gradual changes in accordance with Nissan's strategy for this unit. First it sold under the dealership channel called Nissan Prince Shop and then its trademark round brake and tail lights was dropped in 1989 with iteration R30 to R34 of Nissan Skyline for Japanese car racers. And today it stands with a separate Brand identity.

Understanding that sports car have limited market, the Skyline 250GT sedan was launched in 2001, along with 300GT, 350GT-8 and 350GT Coupe. In initial days of this car was sold as Infinity G35 in North America. This car is a 4WD, 5 speeds AT, which was an extension of Skyline 250GT.

In 2003, the face-lifting of the Skyline 250GT happened, which included the exterior change of the rear car badge repositioning, Skyline emblem change and the color addition of Rose Red & Silver Metallic. While the refinement of Control Switch Design, Radiator grille, Headlamp inner panel and adoption of double-pivot rear view mirror were the highlights. The changes also affected the overall physicality of this car, working best on the image of this car as a luxurious sedan, as compare to the sports counterpart.

The 2004 Skyline 250GT Sedan included the interior changes like soft touch material on panel, black and silky interior; car wings supported TV/Navigation system, intelligent key settings and independent temperature settings. While the exterior of the car was also updated including the 18 inch aluminum load wheel option, along with more colors option in the car body including Metallic Blue, Titanium Metallic.

The 2005 brought more changes in front bumper, rear lamps, side sill protectors and even a 19 inch aluminum alloy wheel became a standard along with more interior and exterior changes. This is the year when Skyline 250GT Sedan was replaced by 3500CC displacement Skyline. Then the limited edition Skyline 250GT Sedan came for sales with 5 speed automatic transmission only in 2007/2008, although the new order of the day was 350GT and 370GT.

At last we can say that car is a sedan with a production span of 4-5 years and a touch of sporty image with luxury in hand. This is the car best suitable for those who want to have sporty experience in the Sedan, and can afford a luxurious car.