Listed exclusive Lamborghini pink

Certainly not everyone can have a Lamborghini Gallardo Or at least an exclusive luxury car, let alone if it is then a ‘Special edition.

Sure it’s not the first time we super car in a similar model, for example, personally I was very impressed by Bentley crust with inserts in Swarovski Paris Hilton.

In this case it is a Lamborghini Gallardo that Kirk Wright Known American financier convicted as a result of various fund fraud that has statue involved, gave his wife along with a valuable engagement ring on the value of 55,000 dollars.

Even the car in question has a very exorbitant price, and even then could not miss the color pink inserts of some of the bodywork, the logo with rhinestones, and the interior Rosa Alcantara.

It is not clear what have been the fate of this car but what is certain is going to be sold and the proceeds will be used to compensate, at least in part, victims of such fraud.