Pagani Zonda R

At the next Geneva Motor Show, for her, the attention of fans ensured. Presented at the Monza circuit on February 5 by the same Horacio Pagani, the new Zonda R, which is the first supercar from Modena approved only for the track, will be the undisputed queen of the stand Zonda, next to the Zonda Cinque. The fantastic performance of the Zonda R speaks for itself: over 350 km / h maximum speed and 2.7 seconds for the acceleration to 100 km / h from standstill. By reading this data and observing the new official photos shown itself the desire to compare the Zonda R with the Ferrari FXX, the only real rival in terms of technical characteristics, intended use, price and exclusivity.

The new born home Pagani Rossa responds to the competitor with 1070 kg, 750 hp and 1.43 kg / hp, beating the Ferrari in acceleration for 1 tenth of a second The chassis is made entirely of carbon composite and titanium designed to reduce weight and increase torsional stiffness, and this is anchored directly to the engine Mercedes-Benz AMG 6-liter V12 with 750 hp of maximum power and 710 Nm of coppia.Il aspirated engine, always spin Mercedes-AMG, has an exploitable stretch up to 8,000 rpm and is assisted by a change to 6 speed robotic designer Xtrac, a famous name in Formula One, while the brakes are Brembo carbon-ceramic .

The cockpit is protected by a safety cage in tubes of chrome-molybdenum steel and the seat belts are five points with anchorages for the HANS system: the seats are FIA approved Toora. By the end of 2009 will be constructed 15. Of these, 11 were already sold and, if we think the price of 1.46 million, one wonders where the global crisis …